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Crossing the line

Software and Cloud Agency

Crossing the line

Having operated since 2016 as a Software & Cloud Company. Crossing the line is a consulting and implementation company with a focus on the areas of Big Data & Advanced Analytics, Software Consulting and Software Development, IoT Services and Quality Management. Our customers are in many sectors like banking, finance, e-commerce, construction, and outsourcing.
We believe in finishing what we started.

We’re Creative

1. We implement the right kind of structure.
2. We’re not just out for a win.
3. We thrive under pressure, but aren’t purely deadline-driven.
4. We’re not afraid to be a newbie.
5. We embrace change.

We have magic

1. We can read your mind: Not really but we try our best.
2. Pick a card, any card: With strong understanding of your need, we don't guess.
3. POOF: We are here for you, we don't vanish.
4. Magic is believing: When you have accepted our work THEN we are done.
5. We don't believe in Magic, we work hard and deliver business value.

Why we do it

1. Passion: We have the passion.
2. Love: For your benefit
3. For Show: Yes we want you to be able to show off our work.
4. Pride: Our pride pushes us to deliver always our best work.
5. Business with Heart: We want you to have commercially savvy business solutions

out latest project involved creating everything from the presentation to the underlying software.


Our Management Team

Skills & History

Small company with big Heart
We are still small but with bigger Heart. Number of customers is growing
The management team has got married
Software & Cloud Consulting
Enterprise & Solution Architecture

Work Process


Latest Work

Our Service

Consulting & Implementation

Software Consulting & Development

We specializes in full-cycle software development and completing ambitious projects that meet your specific unique business goals and bring significant value to your business.

Enterprise & Solution Architecture

Enterprise architecture is "a well-defined practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation.

Onsite programming cources

Learn by doing, get the programming cources your company need to solve complex tasks.

Cloud Consulting & Implementation

Move your business to the cloud is our superpower.

Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Today company have data that can give them the edge need in a more competitive environment, we can lead your company the way to success.

IoT Consulting & Implementation

End-to-end solution for every IoT problem out the with a battle proven ways.

Well Documented

We document all the steps.

Friendly Support

Our friendly support will always assist your company.







Customer Friendly Pricing

No upfront costs

  • No upfront costs required: You don't need to make commitments to get work estimation.


  • By paying for services on an as-needed basis, you save money.

No termination fees

  • The second the project is done is the second you stop paying for the service.

We’re developing a number of special projects if interested,
see the DataPlato video or ask for presentation

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